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Fun at home

Today (Sunday) was a gorgeous day and we had an unusual day at home.  I had a gorgeous long lie in reading mummy misfit books; finished the second one today and loved them both. Once I got up I showered and went straight outside to make the most of the weather.

I’m not a sun worshiper but there was so much work to do that I loved being able to do it in the warm.  Buster K and I spent the day playing and tidying the play area.  I cut down the old damaged trampoline net and surround and we all pulled the numerous weeds that had popped up over the winter.  I also unscrewed and removed all the hated bit of the playframe(hated by MrR and I not K and Buster) ready for MrR to let me know what we need to do to replace them.  We have wanted to fix the frame for over a year so at least it is started!


The playhouse was covered in sand and dust so everything got cleaned and brushed out and all dishes went through the dishwasher.


Once the sun moved from the back of the house we moved to the front to play football and then took out the bikes.  K has no problem cycling now and loves it although she did fall twice today but it was misjudging were things where rather than not being steady on her bike.  Buster went on his bike too and went on his own even more, I was exhausted trying to keep up with him. He got tired quickly so went off and brought out his balance bike as had great fun.


Both are now fast asleep and fingers crossed they get a good nights sleep.

Poor MrR was stuck inside all day tidying the house and ironing etc; he did get out on his bike this evening though so not all bad!

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