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The Gallery – Water

The theme this week for the Gallery is water.

My two are water babies and adore swimming and have both gone to baby swimming lessons.  They go every week with their daddy and are both very confident in water and learning how to swim without floats etc.
I could have chosen so many pictures- arty one of water coming out of the tap, bath pictures, first swimming lessons etc but have decided to go with pictures from our first family holiday.
When Buster was only 3 months old we went to Portugal with my sisters family and hired a villa.  We had worried about the pool and K’s safety but had brought lots of floats etc with us.
On the first day we got locked out of the villa and had to wait around for a few hours to get let back in.  K had an accident and we stripped her of her costume and thought no more of it.  She played on the steps into the pool while her cousins swam about.
Next minute K fell in and I froze, she bobbed up and down and I was shouting for her 7 year old cousin to help rather than me helping.  In the end my sister screamed at me to jump in so fully clothed I did.  I honestly believe if she hadn’t had swimming lessons she would have drowned while I watched.  Drowning is not what you expect it to look like.
After this scare we made sure K had her float on at all times, over her clothes and pjs etc and after a couple of days she braved going back into the pool.
Thankfully she has forgotten about it but I don’t think I ever will.  You can never be too vigilant around water.
The rest of the holiday was fantastic and we can’t wait to go somewhere next year and Buster will be the one to watch!
One life skill I will make sure my two will master will be swimming