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Now you are six

K had her sixth birthday party today and decided she wanted a Tinkerbelle party, the fact she had 5 boys coming didn’t faze her at all! I decided to make it a Tinkerbelle and Pirates theme in order to please all.


Buster wanted a Peter Pan costume and wanted me to make it, I took the easy way out and ordered one on eBay- I didn’t get any pictures of him dressed up today.

K wanted the doll cake where the dress is the cake and a dolls body is stuck inside.  I got a cheap doll from Poundland took off its clothes and legs (much to Busters disgust!)and plated the hair then used this as the starting point. I wanted to make leaves to cover the dress but realised I was running out of time so rather than add veins to the leaves cut them out and stuck them all on individually.  The wings were made out of rice paper and I used edible glue to stick them on.


I made the boys bandannas and eye-patches out of a square piece of black material and black hat elastic ordered from Fabricland.  I rolled them all up and added a pirates name to each- again I forgot to take photos of them being worn which the boys did for most of the party!


The girls had tutus which I made following a pin on Pinterest, these involved no sewing and all the girls wore theirs from aged 10 right down to 4.


They also had wands which I made following another Pinterest link, I used ribbon in two colours doubled up and a wilton cookie stick.  I only realised at the last minute I needed a glue gun but got round it by using a staple gun and covering the staples with stick on gems.


This morning I decided to google napkin folding as you do and found this link which showed lots of ways to try, I decided on folding mine to leave a pocket in which two straws could be fitted in – I know I should be taken away for tests!


To eat we had cupcakes, dairy and egg free cupcakes (the chocolate looking ones), sweets, crisps, hotdogs, top-hats, sandwiches and a watermelon pirate boat.


I also did the icecream in bun cases tip in the freezer but took them out and forgot about them so they melted too much!


For party bags everyone got to take home their fairy or pirate items and a cone of sweets tied with ribbon


K loved it and had a great time, got spoilt rotten as normal but was very well behaved as were all the children who came.


Happy Birthday K my precious little miracle.


Inspired – photography

I adore taking photographs and am always clicking away.  I have taken lessons and am improving slowly and increasing my knowledge.  I love taking photographs of children and families and have even gone as far as buying studio lights (only a beginner set which is lucky as they have never been used) and a backdrop.

I have planned on getting back into taking portraits etc and have people lined up but never get round to do it.

I don’t like traditional photos and love ones that are taken from a different angle or showing peoples backs or shadows etc. I am always finding links on pinterest and here are some that Inspire me.

all images copied from pinterest, click on the link and the original pin will be shown.

Pinaddicts Challenge #3

Pinaddicts number 3 is here already and yet again I am lacking in what I want to show.  I have sewed as I said I would but as the felt playhouse isn’t finished yet I don’t want to link it up.

I made a button heart picture last week.  I love these and wanted to do one for a long time but as I have lost my button stash it was impossible.  I then decided to order some online and get started.

The heart isn’t particularly straight so I may take it apart and start again but then again it’s me I’m not known for measuring etc unless I’m doing something as a gift and so I will probably leave it.


I took my inspiration from here

and this is my attempt – I decided against badges and using lots of different colours as to me hearts should be red! Apologies for the reflection on the photos I was in a rush and if I don’t post today I will run out of time.

Go and link up