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Week 19 a wasted week

Week 20 was to be a great week but ended up being wasted.

This week was another busy one that has flown by.

Monday was the May Day bank holiday and I walked the Belfast Marathon – will do a separate post.  It was raining windy and freezing and I had already been ill with a bug the day before so started off feeling miserable and continued most of the way round in a similar fashion.  I finished in 6 hours 22 minutes and came home got into my pjs and went to bed.

Tuesday I had taken a holiday from work to recover and sit in a spa but in fact spent all day in bed sick, unable to eat or drink.  Buster started to get sick today too and MrR wasn’t better but was manning the fort.

Wednesday K went back to school after a week off sick and Buster and  I spent the majority of the day sleeping

Thursday Another day of feeling ill.  Buster and I slept the day away again still no food or drink.

Friday yet another sick day.  Mum visited in the evening and K went to her grannies for the afternoon.

Saturday K went out for a couple of hours with her granny and aunty for cakes and a walk.  Buster and I braved ten minutes in the supermarket before coming home and sleeping again.

Sunday K spent the day at my mum and dads having fun after a rubbish week at home.  She loved it and didn’t want to come home.  Buster got worse and ended up at the out of hours doctor.

All in all a rubbish horrible week were we were all ill at some stage and some of us continued through to the next week too!

Ready steady (134/365)

I have all my clothes laid out and my bag packed. I  just need to charge my phone and MrR’s ipod (the battery on my iPhone is rubbish) sort out fruit and drinks and I’m ready as I will ever be. I have decided to walk in my cargo trousers rather than running leggings as they are what I trained in, I normally wore a hoody too but am going with a few lighter layers tomorrow.
Both MrR and I have been unwell all day today, he got to take to his bed though! Thanks to the Moiderer I am listening to her cold remedy and hoping to feel a bit more human by the morning. Thanks Dawn xx


Marathon walk diet

As you have no doubt seen me drone on write about walking the marathon many times on here I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice?

I am sorted I think on clothes, have trainers a light running jacket and trousers am buying a t-shirt and socks this week (Lidl have them on sale on Thursday) but am lost on nutrition and what I need to eat.

MrR is very into exercise and knows exactly what he needs to maintain it but as I am fussy combined with my allergies/intolerances then coming up with meal plans and food for on route is hard.

I am up to 15 miles now and plan to walk 18 miles at the weekend but seriously need to think about getting the correct fuel on-board before I try. Before walking 15 miles I had my cereal and for lunch banana sandwiches.  I then had a banana and an energy drink while I walked.  I was exhausted and found the last few miles extremely hard.

The list of things I can’t/won’t eat are as below:

  • Dairy – allergy
  • Egg – allergy
  • Peanuts – allergy
  • Fish – dislike
  • Red meat – dislike

I can and do eat most types of vegetables, pasta, rice etc but need ideas about how much or what it is that I need to be eating.

Any advice?