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My week gone by..

A busy week full of stress and as such I am totally exhausted today!

Monday had meetings in work on one of my roles, it was very useful and am filled with ideas and plans for things to do. K and Buster were with MrR and went to soft play.

Tuesday had external auditors in for our assessment and to say I was nervous would be an understatement.  I was on edge all day but we passed and I was on a high! MrR brought K and Buster to the Park during a bit of dry weather.

Wednesday had another one of my early morning starts for a flight to Birmingham.  I was out with clients this time and I was petrified I would mess up.  Thankfully it went OK and I started to relax when I got back to the airport. K enjoyed being mum while I was away and Buster wouldn’t talk to me on the phone as he was too busy- it’s good to know I am missed.

Thursday totally exhausted mentally and physically but had a day in work.  MrR got a homemade crown put on his head in bed this morning by K and Buster to thank him for all the nice things he does, when I asked if I did anything I was told nope! Once I got home from work I brought K and Buster out on their bikes for a quick cycle and then home to bed.

Friday into work and then in the evening had to wait in for the delivery of my new fridge- my life is so exciting! Missed chippy night

Saturday up early to shop for socks and some more camping stuff.  Home to finish three more monkeys and have been asked for 10 more! Picked up dads birthday cake in the evening and then got ready for his party.  Was at mum and dads for 18:00 and had a great relaxed party to celebrate my dads 60th.  K gave in at 10:35 and asked to go home to bed, once home I went to bed immediately too!

Sunday K and Buster asked to go to Church with my mum so MrR left them down while I worked at editing a picture from last nights party.  It was the first time we had a photograph of all mum and dads grandchildren so I want to get it ready as quick as possible.  Went to mum and dads for dinner and then home for an early night for K and Buster- they were asleep just after 18:00. It was raining hard today so the plan to test our new tent was a no go.


my week just gone

Monday was the first day back into work after the office was closed for two days.  We were extremely busy and I was in awful form and so glad when it was done.  I came home and after my two went to bed packed my suitcase for another work trip.

Tuesday up bright and early and off to Dublin, no wrong turns this time! was in a training session all day and then had no hotel room as everywhere was fully booked.  Finally got one sorted and once at the hotel met up with colleagues for dinner and drinks- I had two glasses of water!! Got two recommendations for new books so will buy them when i get home.


Wednesday another full day of training and I left to drive home just after six.  Stopped at the motorway services and couldn’t take my eyes of a lady who had drawn her lip liner right under her nose and filled it in with a lighter colour- why? Her husband was behind me in the queue and really annoying me as he was an  expert in everything- was glad to get my tea and leave, in fact I left so quickly I forgot to put a lid on the cup!

Thursday back into work and another busy day.  Home to play with my two and read stories before bed.  Buster had a really bad nights sleep and K kept waking with sore feet!

Friday after a very restless night I was exhausted and just about dragged myself into work! Had a nightmare trying to order stuff online as posted here.  After work collected my two from their nannies and went to mum and dads for chips.

Saturday a nice bright warmish day and started it off with breakfast outside, followed by some TV time and then playing with chalk in the driveway.  Afterwards we got packed up for a picnic picked out a teddy each and then collected Nanny Pat and set off.  My two ate everything packed (it was a very simple picnic but they ate way more than normal) and had a great time playing hide and seek with their teddies.  We then went to the hairdressers and buster got his hair cut first and was great, then K got hers all cut with lots taken off the length and a new fringe- they both think they are gorgeous- as do I!  Mum then took them home via the park while I had my hair cut.


Sunday another warmish day but very cloudy and windy.  We took the bikes and went to the Castle grounds.  Buster was on a bigger bike and was able to go a lot faster than I could run.  K is great now and has no problems going up kerbs etc.  Buster did a lot of stunts as he calls them but thankfully no tears.  We played on the castle remains and walked up the cake- its a lot safer now than when I was a child!


Afterwards my two went to mum and dads while I went to a meeting with Sunflower fest for volunteers. I made it to the right road but couldn’t find the house and after 40 minutes gave up and came home.  Stayed at mums and dads for dinner and afterwards came home for stories and bed.

Another week over and soon it will be the countdown back to school!

K has slept in her own bed in her own room all week!