Our plan for the coming months

Now that it is nearly time for school again I have been thinking of our plans for the coming months.  K starts school on the 2nd September and this year will be in from 9:00-15:00 Monday to Thursday and finishing at 14:00 on a Friday.  Buster will start P1 and will be in Monday to Friday 09:00 -14:00.  Any activities etc have to be after this time and have to fit in with our busy life.

So far we have planned the below:

K will attend dancing classes and Girls Brigade – on a weekday

Buster will go to Football and Golf lessons  – both at the weekend

K has decided she doesn’t want to continue swimming lessons so MrR will take her and do one-to-one teaching with her. K also wants to take on a musical instrument and has her heart set on a harp she saw in the Principles office, if she does take this then lessons would be out of school so it is another to add in.

This would give us 4 days a week without any out of school activities where we can try to do home things! homework, learning and having fun will also feature highly!

what lessons do yours do? Do you let them give up an activity if they don’t enjoy it?


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