30 years was a long wait!

After 30 years without a summer festival even though the smaller towns nearby have always had one, a small group of people decided to create a summer festival in a local town.  With no funding provided they came up with a great fun-filled day and while some things had a charge everything was extremely well priced, I came away having spent less than £10.

There was a climbing wall which Buster loved, bouncy castles and jousting, all at just £1 a turn – the money went to charity.  A duck race was held but we missed it starting and finishing.  There was a Willy Wonka float and numerous food and cake stalls. Music and dancing as well as fancy dress competitions. There were craft stalls, candy floss and potatoes on sticks! There were local buskers and they were fantastic! Face painting and balloon modelling was also free and the queues showed how popular they were- we gave them a miss!

In the evening a lovely friend had organised a concert from local bands and singers as well as a play from her group Hear Us for teenagers living in a town with little or nothing for them to do.

We had a fantastic day, spent little, laughed lots and made many more important fun memories.  Thanks everyone for organising I can’t wait until next years.

antrim festival

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