A major undertaking!

We bought our house back in 2004 before we knew we could have children.  The house was inhabitable and we didn’t move in until 8 months after and even then our kitchen was in a touring caravan out the back!

We spent many years renovating, the house needed brought back to bare brick and we were asked by a surveyor why we didn’t knock it down cost was the answer.  After replacing everything we then decided in 2009 to do an extension.  At this stage we realised lots of the fixes we made had been bodged and we had been ripped off by many contractors.

After fixing all the issues again we finished the extension and decided to just relax a while.  The effect of relaxing has meant our garden which was lovely when we first bought the house has really suffered.  For a while we paid a gardener to fix it but then gave this up and the result is the photos below! MrR had built a pergola and an old stone wall but both need finished and we really need to get this looking better!

garden1 garden2 Garden3 garden4

We often talk about what we are going to do but at last we have the urge to do something! I have sourced a rotivator and multiple tonnes of topsoil and MrR is off next week so operation garden is starting! I can’t get off work but have signed up to spending every evening working outside to try and help MrR.

Now I need to figure how to initially cut the weeds down as our plan of burning them is too risky (thanks dad) as due to the height and dry grass they will go up in huge flames. Once we have the weeds cut I can organise the delivery of top soil and the rotivator – I can foresee lots of photos of muddy children next week!


Any advice of help would be much appreciated!!

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