Djeco observation puzzles review

Buster adores jigsaws and despite only just turning 4 has been doing 100 piece jigsaws fo rmany months.  I try and pick him up interesting ones anytime we see them but hate when he has them finished in minutes.

I was so excited to be offered the chance for Buster to review a Djeco Puzzle and choose a harder than normal one at 200 pieces, we picked the Djeco Observation Horse Riding Puzzle .  This jigsaw comes in a sturdy box with a poster of the completed jigsaw which was very useful for completing the jigsaw.

Buster completes the outside of the jigsaw before doing the inside. The observation puzzles have lots of pictures on the outside that can be found within the main picture, this prolonged the fun and Buster loved looking for the pictures.

djeco puzzle

I would recomend these puzzles and we will be back for more in the future x


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