Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

On the 08th June we held K’s 7th party and went with a Charlie and the chocolate party theme. Invites were a wonka bar with a golden ticket inside

willie wonka party

I made sure that everyone knew it would be full of sweets and it was! we had:

two marshmallow sweet trees

a lolly tree

a flying saucer tree

rainbow jellies

a chocolate fountain

popcorn in paper cones

golden chocolate eggs

white chocolate and mallow treats

a jar of haribo balls (gobstoppers!)

2 jars of rainbow drops

a jar of skittles

a jar of mixed sweets

a plate of wonka bars (covered kitkats)

strawberries and grapes

Willie Wonka party

I meant to do labels but ran out of time, I was also meant to have bubbles but the machine broke down! We had pin the cane on Willy Wonka, feed Augustus Gloop beanbags, and had sayings from the film and sweets up on the walls.

K loved her party and the fact we gave everyone small bags to fill with sweets as the party went on went down well.  Everyone went home with a bag of sweets and a large swirled lollipop.

K dressed up as Veruca salt, Buster and his cousin as Ompha Lomphas, another cousin was Mike TV and I was Willie Wonka!

We had so much left over as many guests didn’t turn up on the day but this made for an easier party which we enjoyed a lot more!


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