Food advertising cliches

As someone who enjoys food and more often than not the wrong type of food I find advertisements for healthy food very tedious. How many times have you really eaten a yoghurt/cereal bar and felt the need to shake out your hair in ecstasy?

have you ever despair at fitting into a pair of jeans in the morning only to eat a bowl of cereal twice and day and somehow fitted into said jeans immediately and felt great? I can’t say I ever have as even if I lose weight/fluid it doesn’t last so is not a good method of marketing.

I can’t say seeing woman run around the house in underwear eating food makes me want to buy it and the clichéd ads just start to get boring. how many times have you been out for lunch and only ordered a plate of lettuce rather than the lovely food you want, I know it has never happened to me!

Adverts that show women think about food constantly seeing people and items as cakes and sweets are no longer funny as most women have some willpower and most have 1001 things on their mind at any given time and food is unfortunately low down the list after children, work etc.

I have recently found the new LowLow ads and have watched them a few times and shared with my friends too.  The video can be seen below.  LowLow believe that the product should speak for itself and no need the same old tired and tried methods to sell.  This is a humorous video that really does show that the old methods don’t work, all they do is annoy people!

Check out the video and see what you think.


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