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After a long winter spring is a great time to freshen up and de-clutter your home. You can even get something back from your hard work, by making money from your de-cluttering spring clean. Follow our quick tips and enjoy the double reward of a fresher-feeling home and a healthier bank balance too!

  1. 1. Look out for electricals

Old electrical items can make a house look and feel cluttered, especially when they are not in use. A maze of wires and extension cables are a feature of many living rooms and bedrooms and most of us have old tech lying around which we do not even use! Search out old items like mobile phones and chargers, hairdryers and computers and get rid of them using a dedicated online site. Many websites allow you to post your electrical items free of charge and receive a payment by cheque or bank transfer. You can sell your laptop for cash through a site like Music Magpie and use their handy courier service to have the item collected direct from your door.

  1. 2. De-clutter your wardrobe

Having a tidier wardrobe is a quick way of making your bedroom feel less cluttered, and you can make money from your de-cluttering too. Sort out all those items which haven’t been worn for months or years and use an online auction site to make a bit of money. These sites are quick and easy to use – simply set up an account, photograph your clothing and you’re good to go! Make sure you take plenty of photos using a pale background and bright, clear light – the better your clothes look, the more likely they are to reach a high price.

  1. 3. Car-boot for bulky belongings

Tired sofas and worn carpets can make a home seem cluttered and unloved, so consider replacing these in order to freshen up your home. Larger pieces like unwanted items of furniture can be tricky to sell online, especially if you have to coordinate and pay for delivery. In these circumstances, an old-fashion car boot sale is usually your best bet. If your car is not large enough, hire a van for the morning to transport your bulky items to the car boot site. Get to the site as early as possible in the morning, as this in when the serious buyers will be lurking, in an attempt to snap up an early-bird bargain!

  1. 4. Reach out

Getting rid of your old stuff to de-clutter your home needn’t involve you making all the effort. Let buyers come to you by advertising your items. Use online listings sites and the classified section in your local newspaper to bring in the buyers. Most sites and papers allow a certain amount of characters in an ad free of charge, so condense your descriptions as much as possible. Adding photos will also attract buyers too, and again good lighting and a pale background make all the difference.

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