My week that was

I had another busy week and was so grateful when the weekend arrived!

Monday I was off work using up my last days holiday for the year (ours ends in Jan).  I had a Home-start support meeting and then Buster and I went to visit my mum after she had misjudged some parking and hit her new car.  Thankfully it’s not noticeable and the other person involved was very nice.  After collecting K from school we came home and had dinner etc. while I got ready for going back to work.

Tuesday an early start for work and then home for an hour before I went back out to a local hotel for dinner with a visiting colleague.

Wednesday up and out early in the rain and ice for a meeting and then a dash back to the airport so my colleague didn’t miss his flight.  Back into the office where I tried to catch up.  K went swimming and got her 5 metre badge so was over the moon.

Thursday a busy day in work as it was the end of our financial year.

Friday work again and after work MrR and I went to a Home-start quiz where I was useless! MrR chose a scooter for Buster in the prize draw.

Saturday Buster K and I all went to the hairdressers and Buster got a trim while K got her hair cut a lot shorter.  I decided I had enough of my thinned down hair so told the hairdresser to cut it however she liked.  I ended up with very short coloured hair and it feels so much lighter.  I know have very fine hair and need volumiser sprays!  Once home we got organised while Buster helped MrR was the decking.  In the evening we all went to my in-laws for a lovely evening with MrR’s extended family.

Sunday I woke up feeling awful and have stayed in my pjs all day (I did shower and change into clean ones!) K and Buster went to mum and dads for a couple of hours.



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