New look Review

As a thirty six year old thirty something mum I fall into a strange category.  I am never sure what I should be wearing

I love to look fashionable
I worry I dress too young
I love short dresses/skirts
I worry I dress too young
I love ginghams and skater style dresses
I worry I dress too young
I like to be warm
I worry I dress too old
I like cardigans
I worry I dress too old

and so it continues.

Thankfully I can always rely on finding something suitable and easy on the pocket in New Look.  when New look first opened I was so excited trendy clothes and fantastic special offers.  I still get excited now and limit myself to the times I allow myself to go in and shop as I always end up with a mammoth trying on session.

I am on the look out for some new dresses and more particularly a blue dress. I have a meal out with MrR to look forward to and think a new would be just right – any excuse really!

I have set my self up a short-list of dresses to choose from and will be calling into my local shop soon without K and Buster so I can try on in peace- have you ever tried keeping a curtain closed while your children are playing either side of it, I have and it is very stressful.



what are the chances of me getting these home and pretending they have been in my wardrobe all along?

disclosure this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

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