No blogger conferences for me this year

Last year I attended Britmums live and had a great time and hoped this year to get to Either Cybher or Britmums or even better both. I have put off making a decision and in doing so have missed the Earlybird tickets for both.

With flights;I live in Northern Ireland, travel and hotels its just adding up to be too much

So this year I will take myself out on the days of the conferences so that I am not sitting at home feeling I have missed out.

I will be more organised next year and will plan to go while the discounted tickets are still on sale!

Less thinking and more doing needs to be my new motto

3 thoughts on “No blogger conferences for me this year

  1. janmary

    Probably not doing Brit Mums either this year – maybe we should plan to meet up ourselves that weekend?

    Still struggling to believe the tragic news about Jennie and Matilda Mae

  2. Coombemill

    Oh no and I really wanted to meet you too! I just didn’t get the blogging meet up things last year and now I really want to meet people after my taster at MADS. I have booked for BritMums.


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