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I love interior design and before having K and Buster would have happily spent large sums of money on decorative cushions etc. for my house.  Times have now changed and I look longingly at all the lovely cushions and wall prints etc. but keep on walking past.

When I initially heard of Achica I immediately decided it was out of my price range and as such I couldn’t even bring myself to click into it. Achica is described as a member’s only luxury lifestyle store.  The fact that both members only and luxury feature in the description lead me to believe the prices would match the exclusivity being promised.

I am so glad I took a chance and clicked into the site not  only is it laid out with beautiful clear photographs of all the items there are many that are under £20 and even better under £10!

I am quickly building up a wishlist of Achica homeware and have added the items below on it

The vast array of cushions has also caught my eye and I have many on my long short-list including these

With some special birthdays coming up this year I know have somewhere to do my shopping and I know the items I pick won’t be duplicates and will be very gladly received


Disclosure I received a voucher in exchange for a review, all opinions expressed are my own.

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