Half term holidays

Last year we didn’t go on holiday and after yet another wet year coped up indoors thoughts have started to stray to holidays and more to the point short breaks away in the UK. With holidays in February half term quickly approaching  I have been goggling and trying to find something to brighten the cold days and nights!

Like most families these days money is a bit tighter and breaks away are well researched and the opinion of all are taken. The short-list read as below

  • Both K and Buster want somewhere to swim
  • K loves dancing and singing and shows would be right up her street
  • Buster adores playing football
  • MrR likes keeping fit and playing football with Buster
  • I like going on rides and relaxing in a spa
  • we all love relaxed breaks without any stress and as little driving as possible

We have in recent years spent time abroad, been camping and gone on hotel breaks all of which have their negatives.  On a short break away we want to stay within the UK and have everything in one convenient place.  We want indoor activities and things to do even if when it rains.

Butlins have moved far from the Hi-de-hi image of the past and have spent a lot of money bringing their resorts up to date.  When I was young we spent many summer holidays in Butlins and I have many happy memories of discos (silent ones sound fantastic, can I get MrR to do this at home do you think) and taking part in competitions. I loved the shows and spent every day swimming and playing on rides.  My time there was ideal and that was back in the 80’s when they really did use loud speakers to call us to events!

We used to camp onsite but I now like the finer things in life where possible and the apartments and hotel rooms now appeal a lot more. K an Buster will jump at the chance to try this out and MrR will be glad of a chance to have a break from housework and work.

So where did I hide the bank card and where can we book- February fun and relaxation here we come


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