Sleeping alone

Tonight is night three of trying to get Buster to sleep alone in his own room.  Before starting nursery in September he was sleeping alone but as soon as he began school it all went to pot.

Every night starts the same where he goes to sleep in his own bed and then wakes up and runs in beside me and ends up trying to strange sorry hug me all night.  He ends up following us round the bed and most of the night kicks either me or MrR in the back and we end up exhausted.

So the plan was to put him into his own room and go cold turkey although without tears if possible as even at 3 1/2 I can’t let him cry.  When I realised I would be freezing as I got up to him numerous times we decided to try something else.

My dad brought round a guest bed and now Buster sleeps beside my bed in his own special bed.  First night went well- he woke approx 6 times but just to hold my hand.  Last night was a disaster and he was awake more than he slept.

Tonight has started ok but who knows what the result will be by morning!


One thought on “Sleeping alone

  1. TheBoyandMe

    Oh no, and it was all going so well before! I wonder why he’s so reluctant to sleep in his own bed? I’m like you and can’t let them cry either. There’s a lady on twitter called @JoTantum who I’m sure would be willing to chat to you with ideas?


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