I am back and ready to start again on the blog, sorry for the silence recently. I have been extremely busy sewing and getting orders ready for Christmas but am now up to date and have missed my blog.  My 365 project has finished and although not up to date on here might be soon!

This is just a very quick picture post to show our Christmas, both putting up the tree and Christmas day.  We had a fantastic family Christmas spending lots of time together and enjoying each others company.

treeChristmas day


8 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. TheBoyandMe

    I love your decorations, tres chic! Marshmallows in the fire are gorgeous, mine’s a gas fire so they’d taste well dodgy. And I love the pink Barbie car.

    Popping over from Coombe Mill’s Christmas bloghop

    1. Twopointfourchildren

      some of the decorations are a bit naff but I am trying slowly to replace each one to be a wooden or shabby chic style one. I do allow K and Buster to choose one each year and sometimes they are awful but we go with it! My sister bought the car and her face lit up when she opened it!


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