World prematurity day

There is another world out there that so many people have no idea exists. It runs parallel to normal life and has all emotions and highs and lows all wrapped up within a small room.

Until November 2004 I had little idea of what happened in NICU units and in fact had never even visited the hospital in which the regional NICU existed in Northern Ireland.

All that changed when within a few hours I was transferred from my local hospital to the main hospital to give birth at 26 weeks.

I have blogged before about R’s birth and his life and am sure I will blog again in the future. Tonight however it is just that bit too close to R’s anniversary and my emotions and memories are that bit to raw.

We are very grateful to have had 9 precious weeks with R but I would love to just have a few seconds, minutes or even better days with him to hold touch and kiss him once more.

2 thoughts on “World prematurity day

  1. AliP

    Sending you huge hugs, R will never ever be forgotten, he has touched so many lives. Thinking of him today and always xo


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