My week that was

I can’t remember much about last week- I need to go back to doing this on a Sunday night while it is all fresh in my mind!

Monday a day in work and Buster had his first full morning in Nursery.

Tuesday work again and had a meeting with home-start.  K reacting to something and her face has come out in a painful rash.

Wednesday was in Dublin with work so had an early start and a late finish

Thursday Buster off nursery sick has a high temp of 39.6 and not eating

Friday Buster off nursery again. K and Buster at their nannies

Saturday no Irish dancing or football this week as neither K nor Buster had the energy.  I worked on some keepsake dolls and they played at home.


Sunday another quiet day and another keepsake doll made.  Ordered lots of new fabric for my dolls and can’t wait for it to arrive. I booked three craft fairs for December so now need to get organised and start getting everything ready!


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