Hair today…

gone tomorrow?

I have always had very thick unruly hair that sat it a lovely manicured style bushy mess when I was younger.  I tried many things to tame it but finally lots of layers and cutting in to remove the weight done the job.

My hair was still thick but was at least manageable and so much so that I seldom used my straighteners.  I have shoulder length straightish brown hair and thankfully little or no grey.

I used to detest my thick hair and would curse it and wish it wasn’t just as plentiful.  Roll on the last month or so and I wish I had never tempted fate.

My hair is falling out by the handful, each day MrR gives off at yet another load of hair all round the house as well as blocking the shower.  After brushing my hair I have to clear out the hair each time as it is so much.  Even just running my hands through it removes clumps at a time.

I had felt my hair tonight and thought it felt very soft and maybe even greasy which is unheard off but realised with a shock it isn’t soft it is just very thin now.  I can say I am now scared and glad that I started off with such a thick headful of hair as otherwise it would all be gone by now.

MrR is adamant it is diet related and it’s because I don’t eat enough meat etc.  I have no idea what it is but will be trying to get a doctor’s appointment very soon.

I think I need to get making some hats – fast!




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