She can sing, she can dance

2013/2014 has been the year K has really embraced music. In school she joined the choir and loved singing in the supermarket,  in concerts, assemblies and in Church. K also took up the trumpet in school and recently started guitar.the trumpet!

It is lovely to watch her confidence grow as she knows this is something she can do, something she enjoys and that makes her happy.

Music plays a huge part in her life and she can be found singing or humming where ever she goes. The fact a lot (read all) her songs are religious songs is something MrR keeps trying to change.

Along with making music K loves to dance, right from she was a toddler she loved dancing. Even when she was tiny she used to dance to music in our arms.  K has wanted to do dance lessons for many years but exhaustion from school meant she was in bed at the latest 18:30 every night.

After K moved schools in May last year her exhaustion started to disapate and her bedtime was moved back back meaning in September she could finally start the lessons she had waited on for so long.

Every Thursday she went to lessons and despite loving it we seldom got to see what she was learning. Sometimes we did get to see a little bit of what they were doing in practise

At Christmas she did a show for family and although I had to miss it due to work MrR and K’s two grannies both attended and said how well she had dancer

A few months later she took two dance exams and was so nervous she didn’t want us to sign her up.  After a while she decided she was ready and she passed both with flying colours.she passed

This helped immensely with her confidence.medal winner

After the exams the rehearsals ramped up and included a few weekend classes in order to prepare for the end of year Dance Show, again K took a long time to decide she was able to join in.

On Saturday 21st the first show was on, I was at Britmumslive and so again MrR and my mum went to see the show.  They were extremely impressed and so proud of how well K performed.dancing queen

On Tuesday 24th I rushed home from working in Dublin and met MrR’s mum and we got our chance to see the show. I was very nervous for K but she came out did her steps and had a huge smile on her face when she wasn’t singing along to the music.

I was so proud for K as she has come on so much, she has some self belief now and knows she can succeed and more than that she can enjoy herself while doing it.

Roll on September when dancing starts back.

I will do a post on the show when/if I get some pictures as cameras were not allowed.



Making Music

This year K has started Trumpet lessons at school and in the last month both Buster and K have started guitar lessons.  Despite having to force them to practise they are starting to get good! K has a bright red guitar too it is just a bit bigger than Busters one.

I am looking forward to school finishing on Monday and meaning we can start doing a bit more pracise as there will be no homework for two months!

guitar and trumpet practise
guitar and trumpet practise