Let the sun shine

The weather was beautiful over the easter break and we made the most of getting out in the sunshine and wearing shorts and t-shirts.

We worked on cleaning up the play area and had fun on the trampoline and swings.  We rolled eggs and climbed rope ladders. K accessoried her outfit with a woollen hat and matching bag!

Easter 2015

Making school work fun

K was struggling with numeracy and as such we spent a few days going over place value, hundreds tens and units and well as firing quick rounds of addition.

making maths fun

As it wasn’t the normal they both had great fun!


Moments to treasure

Sometimes the moments to treasure are the simple ones

  • a simling boy out for dinner
  • playing with balloons at a birthday party
  • getting ready for dance exams
  • a note form my 5 year old to tell me he loves me x

moments to treasure