Getting fitter in 2015

I am joining in with Mia-Tui and our goal is to get fitter in 2015.  So far I have taken a slow start but have cut out the majority of junk food from my diet as well as start doing some running on the cross trainer and a small amount of cycling on the spin bike.

I need to step up the training as I have also signed up to do Operation Lipstick in March – a separate post will follow on this.

I am lucky that I have everything I could need at home including, a spin bike, rowing machine, crosstrainer, weights, kettlebells, gymball, slam man and a weights bench

get fit in 2015

so far most of it is a mystery to me! I will post updates as to how I am doing and may even be brave and do some photos!!


Remembering with smiles and laughter

Today is the 10th anniversary of R’s death.  We try to celebrate his life and each special date we have a family day to spend time together.  Today we went out for allergen free cakes for K and Buster, then went swimming (I watched) followed by a huge meal.

We came home and I set the timer on my new camera and after about 3 attempts we got a picture which summed up our day.  We will never forget R and we miss him desperately but life is good we have a strong family unit and much love to share.

rembering with smiles

A Garden at last

I have posted many times before about our front garden, or rather the lack of one due to weeds.  The previous posts can be seen here , here and finally here!

The week before Christmas we finally got someone in to do work on the garden and in just three days the change was remarkable! In the Spring we hope to get a pavier brick patio built so the changes will continue.

Day one wasn’t great as no-one arrived but I didn’t chase as I had a good idea they would be there the next day.

Day one Garden makeover, no-one turned up!

Day Two, photos taken through the kitchen window due to the weather! All the weeds and rubbish are removed while I am in work

the weeds are gone!

the weeds are gone!



Day three the grass arrived and day four was time for the stones to be put down – 6 tonnes in total!  We have put stones out on the roadside to save time and hassle and to make our gardening future a little easier.

All done for now

All done for now

The plan is to add a patio off the decking in the Spring and to add flower beds and finish the pergola as and when we have time.  I was to plant daffodils and lavender inside the fence in the stones but we will see if that actually happens.