August activities

In Northern Ireland we get two months off school and after a busy but fun July we continued into August.  There was no holiday for us this year and we didn’t get a chance to have weekends after either due to work commitments but I think we fitted lots in

Unfortunately it’s back to school again on the 1st September

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My week that was

I am hoping to start keeping the blog updated at least once a week(start small!) and hopefully I can go back to recording what we get up to again.

Last week went as below:

Sunday: we had a family christening for Little RC. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time, it was nice getting dressed up and going out together.

Monday: work for MrR and I and school for K and Buster. After school they went to the childminder and then had their first proper joint guitar lesson, they used to have separate lessons but they go on too late for a school night. I felt very sorry for the tutor as they were a bit hyper! Homework is ‘Let it go!’

Tuesday: work again and Buster went to the childminder while K went to her nannies after school. GB started back again and although I got the times mixed up (not my fault) K went and had fun. I went to visit my uncle in hospital with my mum and sister.

Wednesday: work for me, MrR was off. No afterschool activities today!

Thursday: work again and MrR off. After school K had a double lesson of dancing and started learning steps for her exams that will follow later in the year.

Friday: work for both MrR and I and K and Buster were at their nanny and granda’s after school. Buster got start of the week at school and got a great prize of a whistle thing! Buster started his first ever swimming lessons and spent most of the lesson swimming underwater- the tutor has started to try to help him swim on the surface! In the evening I had a couple of hours for Home-start

Saturday: my two were up bright and early, no lie in! We went shopping and to the library and then home to play. Saturday night instead of partying we washed the windows and then the joy continued with Xfactor!

Sunday: another early start and a quiet morning catching up on blogging sorting photos and then a visit to mums for dinner. MrR worked all weekend.

our family

July adventures

One full month of school holidays are now over and this is what we got up to in July

  •  K and Buster had a weekend away in Fermanagh with their grandparents
  • We visited Brickcity followed by lunch in theTitanic building
  • A family trip to Lisburn swimming pool followed by lunch in Ed’s bar and grill
  • Many trips out cycling on the roads with MrR
  • Swimming with daddy

July 2014

  • 3 trips to the beach with granny and granda
  • A trip to Portrush to visit with friends
  • A trip to the cinema
  • Played golf with daddy
  • Days were spent playing in the playarea at the house
  • Trips to the parks
  • Cooling off in the paddling pool
  • Picnics
  • Cycling in the Castle grounds
  • Cycling at the lough shore
  • Treats at costa
  • guitar lessons
  • Buster got star of the week in golf

July 2014

Although I had to work most of July and spend lots of time away from home I think they had a great month and fitted in many activities and trips.

July 2014